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Snowflake data warehouse gets Informatica’s data integration features

Snowflake data warehouse gets Informatica’s data integration features

Informatica’s line of data integration and governance tools for Snowflake is expanding. The company launched serverless data integration pipelines, a collaborative marketplace of data analytics tools, and a portal for creating user profiles.

Informatica is one of the largest data integration providers, which has been moving its business to the cloud, with partnerships involving all the major cloud data warehousing services.

The company uses a metadata-driven approach, powered by machine learning, to show schemas (the organizational blueprint of database management systems with structured and unstructured sources).

Smooth transitions

Informatica has a product called the Enterprise Data Catalog, which combines everything from the Internet of Things to Cobol, according to the Chief Product Officer, Jitesh Ghai. He says that the company’s product will infer metadata where it doesn’t exist and extract it where they find it.

They can recommend interesting data sets, start a workflow, and if it is approved, auto-provision within an AWS’sS3 bucket.

Customers can use the catalog to inventory their data sets to identify trusted data, import it into Snowflake, track the migration, clean, normalize and protect the data assets according to company policies and government regulations.

Solving two big problems

The new services for the renowned Snowflake platform will solve two problems, according to Ghai. He says that customers are bolstering on-premises workloads with cloud data warehouse, and those going to the next generation of on-premises warehouses from Snowflake will benefit. 

The company is now optimized to work with data warehouse appliances on-premises and deliver economies at scale in the cloud.

The new serverless data integration allows users to design and deploy cloud-native serverless data integration pipelines in cloud data warehouses and Snowflake. Serverless technology means that there is no need to set up servers and software whenever a program is run.

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