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Hewlett Packard Enterprise has acquired CloudPhysics. CloudPhysics uses artificial intelligence to advise companies on the best use of hybrid cloud for their purposes.

In a press release, HPE says it will use CloudPhysics’ knowledge to provide insights to customers about their IT infrastructure. This includes estimating costs and feasibility of migrations to the cloud and modelling the IT infrastructure as a virtual environment. HPE claims the solution can be deployed in a matter of minutes and provide insights after only 15 minutes.

Win-win situation

HPE sees the acquisition as a win-win situation for both customers and partners. Customers can build a suitable IT infrastructure faster, and partners can complete a sale more quickly.

“CloudPhysics is a market-leading platform to do on-premises assessments of a customer’s environment,” Tom Black, senior vice president and general manager of HPE Storage, told CRN. “It’s all done in software literally in seconds or minutes back to the customer. Some of the largest brands in the industry have been working with CloudPhysics. I like to say that we snagged a crown jewel. It’s a very talented team. They are extremely gifted and skilled.”

Software-Defined Opportunity Engine

In addition to the purchase of CloudPhysics, HPE has also added a new tool to HPE Storage. The so-called Software-Defined Opportunity Engine uses deep learning to make recommendations to customers about technology. HPE gives some issues as examples, such as what is the best infrastructure configuration to meet SLAs, whether a company should use CapEx or OpEx, whether it should modernise on-premises or in the cloud and how a user can demonstrate ROI.

“If we discover a competitive storage technology at a certain size and certain performance, we can then feed our AI engines and our data pipeline from that data lake and generate an HPE-specific proposal on what was a competitive incumbent,” said Black. “So we have the InfoSight AI data lake, and now we have the CloudPhysics AI data lake.”

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