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HPE InfoSight has its roots in Nimble Storage and 3PAR. At the same time, HPE also launches Memory-Driven Flash that combines storage class memory (SCM) and non-volatile memory express (NVMe) for lower latency and higher speeds.

At HPE Discover in Madrid, AI-assistant InfoSight will receive a lot of attention. According to HPE, it should remove the burden of infrastructure management and predict and prevent problems. Today, AI’s predictive analytics tools exceed those offered by other manufacturers. It provides control through the infrastructure stack by optimizing customer environments and where data can best be placed.

HPE also launches an AI-based resource planner to optimize workloads, taking into account the available resources. So you no longer have to gamble with a risk of interruptions when new workloads are rolled out.

Storage Class Memory

Performance insights for HPE 3PAR makes it easier to solve errors thanks to machine learning. The tool automatically finds performance bottlenecks. This service is rolled out on-premise only and provides HPE InfoSight in places with limited access to the cloud.

Finally, HPE launches Memory-Driven Flash that combines SCM with NVMe. The result is a system that, according to HPE, has lower latency (up to 2x lower) and up to 50 percent faster than all-flash arrays with NVMe SSDs. HPE 3PAR is the first enterprise storage platform that combines SCM and NVMe. HPE expects that the shift to memory-based architectures will bring the next generation of innovation. The storage used is Intel Optane.

HPE Memory-Driven Flash is available from December for HPE 3PAR as a simple, non-disruptive upgrade. HPE Nimble Storage will not be operational until 2019.

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