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They claim to have “the world’s only unified cloud-dative platform for intelligent automation across the enterprise”.

Automation Anywhere this week announced the introduction of Automation 360. This is a new brand for the company’s unified, cloud-native, AI-powered enterprise automation platform.

Automation Anywhere specializes in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This is a process that helps customers to automate end-to-end business processes with intelligent software bots. These are AI-powered “digital workers” that perform repetitive and manual tasks, according to the company.

Gaining efficiency through a single, integrated platform

Advancements to the previous Enterprise A2019 platform have been combined with a new Automation 360 brand. This improves the employee and user experience, according to the company. It also delivers comprehensive process discovery, digitization, automation and optimization capabilities on a single, integrated platform.

Automation Anywhere claims that all this enables users to automate 2X more processes. Moreover, they can work at 3X the speed to scale an enterprise. And they can do all this at a cost that is 1/5 of the infrastructure costs of legacy solutions.

“Today, one year into the pandemic, the cloud has become the platform of choice for automation deployments,” the company observes. This move lessens the burden on IT resources, they say. It also provides improved security, reliability, and flexibility as remote work remains in effect in many organizations.

“The leaders of organizations around the world today are seeking to reinvent their enterprises for a post COVID-19 era by using cloud automation to build more efficient, agile and resilient operating models,” said Prince Kohli, CTO at Automation Anywhere.

“Our cloud-native Automation 360 platform clearly communicates to these leaders that if they want to fully empower people with a single, integrated, cloud solution for automating processes at scale across their entire enterprise, there is only one place to turn to, and that’s Automation Anywhere.”

Aiming to “transcend legacy RPA”

The updated AI-powered cloud platform offers enterprises all the capabilities they need to deploy intelligent software bots. Below are some highlights of the offering.

The platform’s Discovery Bot records user activities and analyzes process variances to identify which automation opportunities offer the highest business impact.

Automation 360’s IQ Bot then automatically classifies, extracts and validates information from business documents, emails and other unstructured and semi-structured data. It does this with minimal setup time.

Automation 360 is currently available globally, the company says.