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Informatica’s new intelligent data management cloud is here

Informatica’s new intelligent data management cloud is here

On Tuesday, Informatica unveiled its intelligent data management cloud (IDMC). It is an AI-powered platform, made to serve users working with data in multiple cloud environments. In addition to that, the company is announcing a series of partnerships and integrations with the big three clouds (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services).

Informatica has been in the business of data management for over 2 decades and in that time, data has taken the center stage, according to Informatica’s Chief Product Officer, Jitesh Ghai. Speaking to ZDNet, he said that the company recognizes its community of users had grown.

Technical and non-technical users are all welcome

Ghai said that the data-led practitioners who make up the platform’s userbase have grown beyond technical ETL experts, data engineers, and data scientists. It now hosts non-technical users who want to work with facts, instead of gut-based decision-making.

As data becomes more golden, so do the platforms used to manage it. Informatica’s IDMC comes with more than 200 intelligent cloud services, powered by the company’s AI engine, CLAIRE.

It applied AI to metadata to give users a clear understanding of what their data looks like so they can use it better.

What next for Informatica?

The platform wants to make data more accessible to business users through a data marketplace, where they can shop for data, the same way one shops for things on the Amazon marketplace.

The IDMC is based on micro-services and is API-driven, with serverless and elastic processing. It is designed for multi-cloud and hybrid environments. The platform is running at scale presently, processing more than 17 trillion transactions per month.

It has over 11 petabytes of active metadata to draw from and is being used by companies like Unilever. Informatica wants to target the Global 2000 instead of focusing only on the Fortune 500.