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The company announced its new Nvidia A.I. LaunchPad program, offering users access to the complete range of artificial intelligence resources under the Nvidia banner.

Nvidia Corp. has long been offering access to A.I. infrastructure at the cloud level to users who need to enhance their artificial intelligence framework. And as part of the LaunchPad program, the company has partnered with Equinix Inc. to deploy A.I. infrastructure across their global data centers.

Key features of the LaunchPad program

Launchpad will allow customers to access the DGX Superpod servers and use the Base Command Platform to develop conventional and novel A.I. models. Users can also use the Base Command platform to construct A.I. models on Nvidia certified systems, including Lenovo and Dell, which fall under Equinix data center locations.

Furthermore, LaunchPad will provide access to the company’s A.I. Enterprise software suite, enabling workload scaling across cloud servers. Perhaps one of the take-home announcements was that the program would allow the deployment of A.I. apps across Equinix’s edge locations.

Industry developments and expected launch time

According to Nvidia’s enterprise computing head, the service will cater to enterprises who need comprehensive A.I. solutions in line with their needs. Moreover, Nvidia claims to be aware of the need to access multiple data sources across various clouds for effective A.I. development. This program will allow fast access to data sources and help real-time A.I. performance.

The main feature of this program is the cloud-native suite of A.I. tools and software. With the Al Enterprise and VMware vSphere, it can support complex workloads and training jobs. Industry experts state that Nvidia must offer continuous close vendor partnerships and maintain its customer-oriented platforms to become an industry leader.

The first glimpse of the A.I. LaunchPad is reported to be available for public use in the summer, with a dollar-per-hour pricing structure. The company is in talks with Equinix over the key details.