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Google Cloud offers the new, Bot-in-a-Box feature to help businesses empower their FAQs using chatbots.

Many companies have been developing conversational AI tools in recent times. The pandemic also further accelerated this process, with customers looking for various online solutions. Still, businesses are struggling to implement such machine learning measures. To address shortcomings faced by businesses in handling support operations, Google is launching “Bot-in-a-Box.”

Part of Google Business Messages

This new feature doesn’t work as a standalone solution. Instead, it comes with Google’s Business Messages, which is a comprehensive conversational messaging service. It allows companies to use various search engine channels like Google Maps and Google Search to connect with people.

Many top firms use Google Business Messages for sharing information with their customers. For example, Albertson’s, the grocery store, used this service to connect with customers and inform them about vaccine administration.

Those looking for Safeway – an Albertson’s firm – on Google can use the messaging function. The message button would appear in Google Search and allow users to check relevant information. For instance, people could check the availability of vaccines and book online appointments.

Chatbot facilitation

Google’s Bot-in-a-Box feature takes this facilitation further. It allows businesses to set up a chatbot that uses an already existing FAQ document. The service can use either an internal document or take the information from an FAQ webpage.

The use of FAQ documents makes it easier for firms to use this new AI feature. In addition, it employs Google’s Dialogflow technology, capable of creating automated chatbots. These bots will respond to customer questions without requiring any computer programming.

With Bot-in-a-Box, Google has empowered the use of AI in business support. The search engine giant may develop more initiatives to implement AI solutions in its business solutions in the future.