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New Relic updates observability platform with service level management

New Relic updates observability platform with service level management

New Relic launched a service level management feature that helps developers and operators monitor uptime and reliability of all their software systems.

New Relic develops cloud-based software to help application owners and website managers track the performance of their services. Today, the company launched a service-level management offering to maintain system reliability and uptime.

This new release entails one-click SLI (Service Level Indicators) and SLO (Service Level Objectives) setup, unified health reports, recommendations to personalize metrics, error budget tracking, and alerts to notify SLO compliance.

The introduction is included in New Relic’s observability platform, allowing current users to use it with no additional license or charge.

More about the new management service

According to New Relic, the tooling supports agile development adoption challenges, pipeline automation, CI/CD, and DevOps. Developers are provided an easy way to establish and track SLO and SLI metrics.

Each team’s setup is based on their managing services. Resultingly, the solution remains familiar and consistent for engineering leaders managing multiple teams.

As Concluded by Bill Staples, CEO of New Relic: “With the service level management in New Relic One, we’re empowering engineers to adopt and operationalize the industry’s best practices in SRE and DevOps – making a standardized reliability and uptime measurement a critical part of the entire software development lifecycle.”

“Feedback from developers, operations and even executives at companies who have used this capability in preview has been overwhelmingly positive. I look forward to all our customers adopting this capability and realizing more value from their investment in New Relic for all their observability needs.”