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HP now allows SMBs to utilize HP Subscription Management, offering SaaS license management for Microsoft 365 and cloud services.

HP is working with Microsoft to launch a subscription management service. It intends to target small and medium businesses (SMBs) to streamline their Microsoft licensing needs.

The IT giant has coined the service as HP Subscription Management Service, which empowers SMBs to use more software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and manage their operational costs.

HP’s latest service is excellent for companies that want to manage their Microsoft 365 licenses and other cloud-based services. Additionally, HP also offers usage data and detailed analytics to small enterprises.

These additional elements allow companies to scale subscriptions according to their specific use. Similarly, Apple has launched its SMB-based service to make its hardware components easier to manage.

HP Subscription Management offers security for remote, cloud-based applications and optimizes them for SMBs. However, these additional benefits don’t deter the service’s primary function from offering right-sized subscriptions. In addition, the service provides access to spending trends and inventory of licenses.

HP Subscription Management’s availability

HP Subscription Management will become available in Germany, France, Chile, and the UK by the end of this year. Subsequently, this excellent subscription management service will also become an option in the United States as it becomes available in Q1 of 2022.

Other than that, this innovation also entails various other offers presented by the IT service provider. HP is increasing its software support services, building on its excellent line of hardware products. In addition, HP is now offering many SaaS-based services to its already accomplished product and service line.

Other HP services

Here are HP’s other services that are coming alongside HP Subscription Management:

HP Enablement Service for Windows Autopilot makes adding new devices a breeze. Customers can manage hardware updates online, delivering a self-service experience. In addition, the service allows setting up Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices.

Another new service is HP Proactive Insights Experience Management that allows professionals to measure employee perceptions. It is a highly detailed employee experience management system.