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SUSE’s sales increased by 18 percent year over year to $161.3 million in its second quarter. The organization reported a significant profit gain during the three-month period ending April 30.

SUSE’s investments in new products boosted the second quarter’s growth. The company’s 18 percent revenue increase resulted from a 34 percent rise in US contract values. SUSE Rancher, a container orchestration platform, is gaining popularity.


Enterprises frequently utilize SUSE Enterprise Linux Server, a Linux distribution that focuses on automation and security. SUSE provides many customized editions of its operating system. One version is designed to operate SAP SE’s business software, which enterprises employ for vital tasks like supply chain management. In addition, SUSE offers two operating system versions intended to run on hardware installed at the network’s edge.


Over the last few years, SUSE has extended its portfolio beyond Linux. Rancher Labs, a company with a platform for managing Kubernetes environments, was acquired in 2020 for an estimated price of $600 million. Since then, SUSE has repurposed the company’s container orchestration technology into a solution called SUSE Rancher.

Last year, SUSE invested $130 million to acquire NeuVector, expanding its container capabilities. The solution, now branded as SUSE NeuVector, identifies vulnerabilities in container environments and thwarts hacking efforts.