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atSistemas acquires Atlassian specialist New Verve Consulting

atSistemas acquires Atlassian specialist New Verve Consulting

atSistemas, a Spanish digital service provider, recently announced the acquisition of New Verve Consulting, an Atlassian software specialist based in Scotland. atSistemas wants to expand its presence in the UK.

atSistemas specializes in IT services such as software development and consulting. The firm has about 500 clients. The acquisition of New Verve Consulting is the latest stage of the company’s expansion strategy, which involved opening offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Portugal and Uruguay.

A foothold in the UK

atSistemas said it intends to continue developing on the heels of a successful 2021, which saw the company generate revenue of €97 million and increase year-on-year growth by 23 percent.

atSistemas CEO José Manuel Rufino Fernández said that the purchase of New Verve Consulting substantially improves atSistemas’ commitment to becoming a worldwide partner of the Atlassian ecosystem, as well as gaining a foothold in the UK market.

The CEO added that the ‘synergy’ of both companies will allow atSistemas to provide more value to customers while taking advantage of growth opportunities.

Atlassian services

atSistemas CSO Miguel Ángel Sacristán Salvador stated that the merger helps the company reach new clients in more regions, improve capacity to manage projects and provide prospects to employees. New Verve Consulting was founded in 2011 and specializes in Atlassian software.

In addition to Atlassian services, the company develops unique tools like Crumbs, a client management solution for Atlassian’s Jira platform. New Verve Consulting’s portfolio will become part of atSistemas’ offering.

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