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Tableau 2022.4 is now available. The update introduces External Actions, a feature that helps users take immediate action from insights to increase productivity and improve results.

Prior to the update, users had to switch to other applications to take action on insights. Tableau External Actions speeds up the process. The feature allows users to make context-based decisions and automate workflows within Tableau’s environment. This should ultimately increase productivity and improve results.

The feature is made possible by an integration of Tableau and Salesforce Flow. Visualized data is directly connected to the Salesforce platform. In this way, insights from Tableau can be leveraged within Salesforce without manual configurations and imports.

Image Role and User Metrics

Another important feature in Tableau 2022.4 is Image Role. Data visualizations can be hard to grasp without context. Image Role makes insights less abstract. The feature brings image support to Tableau dashboards to help users understand data.

Users can insert, align and reuse images of choice. Images are dynamically linked to text strings, making it possible to place them in columns and row headers.

The release also includes a new Usage Metrics tab. The tab lets users monitor the performance of Tableau Workbook, an internal library of worksheets, dashboards and stories. The tab shows several built-in Tableau Metrics that provide insight into the number of workbook views, among other stats.

Popularity metrics help users understand what type of content is popular. The feature also indicates when worksheets should be refreshed or relegated to the archive.

Other functionality

In addition, Tableau now includes a Custom Views REST API that helps users quickly find relevant insights in their data. The REST API is compatible with Tableau’s existing Embedding API. This allows Custom Views to embed scenarios and personalized experiences for end users on all platforms and devices.

Tableau 2022.4 is now being deployed to customers. Users can also manually download the update from Tableau’s website.

Tip: Salesforce integrates Tableau and Genie Customer Data Cloud