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Salesforce launched an integration of Tableau and Genie Customer Data Cloud. Joint customers can directly import and analyze data from Genie Customer Data Cloud in Tableau.

Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud was introduced in September 2022. Companies use the solution to process customer data from diverse sources on a central platform. Salesforce wants to combat silos. Genie Customer Data Cloud is similar to a data lakehouse.

The most recent update integrates Tableau, a subsidiary of Salesforce. Tableau develops a solution for analyzing and visualizing data. The new integration makes data from Genie Customer Data Cloud available to Tableau.

Customers don’t have to transform data or create pipelines manually. The integration is native. After linking up, users can unleash all of Tableau’s analytics tools on Genie Customer Data Cloud.

According to Salesforce, the integration is “only the beginning of what’s possible as we build more native automation, intelligent and real-time integrations deeper into the platform”.

Tableau and Genie

The most important aspect of Genie Customer Data Cloud is the import and processing of real-time data. Data is moved from source to platform as quickly as possible. With the new integration, organizations can analyze real-time data in Tableau.

During the announcement, Salesforce shared several use cases. Linking the backend of an online store with Genie makes it possible to give customer service agents insight into a visitor’s shopping cart. As a result, service managers can connect customers to employees with relevant knowledge of the products in their carts.

In addition, Salesforce mentioned a use case in the automotive industry. Real-time data from car sensors allows companies to understand customer driving behaviour on an extremely detailed level. Organizations can analyze the data with Tableau to improve customer service and develop upsell products.

Applications are diverse. According to Salesforce, Genie Customer Data Cloud is suitable for most industries and business types. The integration with Tableau provides a quick way to analyze real-time customer data in Tableau.