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HPE acquired data science platform Pachyderm to expand its AI portfolio.

The financial details weren’t disclosed. The acquisition builds on an earlier investment in Pachyderm by HPE in February 2022. According to the organization, the acquisition doesn’t require regulatory approval and should be completed by the end of this month.


Pachyderm offers tools for creating and managing AI and machine learning projects. Data scientists use Pachyderm’s solutions to automate AI development processes through data transformations, data workflows and connectors.

The firm also provides versioning capabilities for datasets used in ML solutions. Furthermore, a GitHub-like structure helps data scientists collaborate.

The technology allows users to create of a non-customizable record for all platform work and components. In addition, the startup offers Pachyderm Hub, a managed service for on-demand compute clusters used to develop AI models.


HPE wants to use the technology to provide customers with more AI and supercomputing capabilities. The next version of its HPE Machine Learning Development Environment (MLDE) will have Pachyderm’s tech built in.

HPE MLDE includes ML software that allows users to rapidly develop, refresh and scale high-quality ML models from proof-of-concept phases to actual production.

The addition of Pachyderm should help customers train AI models faster and on a larger scale through the world’s fastest supercomputers for AI model development, HPE said.


Furthermore, according to HPE, the integrated platform will eventually provide advanced data-driven pipelines that can automatically tweak, prepare, monitor and manage repeatable ML processes during development and training phases.

Benefits include more advanced data linage and visibility into the sources of data during the ML lifecycle, as well as tracking capabilities to understand where and when data was modified.

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