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HPE has confirmed to technology news site CRN that it is not in talks with Nutanix about a possible acquisition of the HCI vendor. This was recently reported by several other sources.

HPE told CRN, that there are no acquisition talks taking place with Nutanix. Following the confirmation by HPE, Nutanix shares were reportedly down 8 percent.

Takeover rumors

Rumors of a possible deal between HPE and Nutanix arose in October of this year. At that time, Bloomberg reported that the two parties were talking about an acquisition. These rumors followed earlier reports that Nutanix is looking for a party to acquire the company. However, the news service did warn that talks might not lead to a deal.

The company has been making changes for some time. These include moving from a traditional software licensing model to a subscription-based licensing model.

Hefty price

Nutanix might prefer private investment companies for a possible acquisition. However, a buyer would probably have to pay a hefty price. The HCI vendor’s market value is approximately $6.5 billion (€6.2 billion).

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