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The company plans to demo how its new AI model enhances Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

I suppose it was just a matter of time. Microsoft is charging ahead in deploying its new OpenAI model to all its platforms. The new model, dubbed “Prometheus“, was already added to Microsoft’s search engine Bing and its Edge browser platform earlier this month. Now, according to The Verge, the giant from Redmond is set to launch Prometheus-powered versions of its Office apps in just a few weeks.

For some time, Microsoft has been teasing a release of a “better version” of ChatGPT to use with its products. Apparently, the veil is being lifted, and the company believes the world is ready for Prometheus. Indeed, GPT models have been tested in Outlook to improve search results. There have also been tests of automatically suggesting replies to emails, and even a Word document integration feature to improve a users’ writing.

Staying one step ahead of Google

Microsoft is rushing their Prometheus integration in order to compete with Google. Sources tell The Verge that Microsoft was originally planning to launch its new Bing AI in late February, but pushed and moved the date forward to try to beat Google’s own announcements. Google, however, announced its ChatGPT rival Bard a day ahead of Microsoft’s event.

According to The Verge, “a number of Microsoft executives are confident they’re way ahead of Google with Bing AI and the upcoming integration into productivity apps”. Nonetheless, the Microsoft execs remain worried, and are “warning employees to watch out for rivals trying to disrupt their productivity businesses in the same way Microsoft is attempting to disrupt Google’s search business”.

There is no doubt that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wants to leverage his company’s investment in OpenAI and be seen as a leader in the AI space. The addition of ChatGPT technology has breathed new life into Bing, and no doubt the Microsoft chief sees AI as a way to counter any response from rival Google.