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Anthropic announced the large language model called Claude on Tuesday. It can generate text and write code and has AI assistant features reminiscent of ChatGPT. The model is a product of worries about future AI safety and Anthropic’s response has been to train its AI using a technique known as ‘Constitutional AI.’

Interested users can access two variants of the AI: Claude and Claude Instant, which are available to a group of Anthropic’s ‘early access’ commercial partners.

Those granted access can use the AI through a chat interface in Anthropic’s developer console, or an application programming interface (API). Using the API, the developers can connect to Anthropic’s server remotely and add the AI’s abilities to their own apps.

Claude is more expensive than ChatGPT

According to Anthropic, Claude is less likely to produce harmful outputs, is easier to converse with, and is more dynamic compared to other chatbots, while still having “a high degree of reliability and predictability.” The company points to use cases like summarization, search, coding, and collaborative writing.

Like ChatGPT, Claude can change behavior, personality, or tone to fit the user’s preferences. Anthropic is charging for usage per million characters of input and output. Where OpenAI’s gpt-3.5-turbo AI model is $0.002 per 1,000 tokens (pieces of a word), Claude Instant charges $0.42 per million characters as prompt input and $1.45 per million characters for output.

Claude V1, the fuller version, charges $2.90 per million characters input and $8.80 per million characters output.

Updates and improvements to come

Anthropic’s AI system, Claude, has already been integrated into multiple products, including DuckAssist instant summaries, Notion AI, and the AI chat app Poe. The company, founded by former OpenAI VP of Research Dario Amodei and his sister Daniela, focuses on AI safety and research.

Anthropic received a $300 million investment from Google in late 2022. Although it seems unlikely that Google will rely on Anthropic’s AI solutions in its products, funding a rival to OpenAI could be a strategic move for the tech giant.

For now, Anthropic plans to continue developing and improving Claude, with updates set to be introduced in the coming weeks as the company works to make its systems more helpful, honest, and harmless based on its safety research and deployments.

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