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Visma has presented its annual figures for 2022. The organization’s sales rose to 2.1 billion euros last year. The favorable sales figures are reason enough for the SaaS provider to want to grow further this year as well.

According to its annual report, the international Visma Group had an excellent 2022. The SaaS provider now has 1.4 million customers in Europe and Latin America. This is a 26 percent growth compared to 2021. These customers sent 21.7 million e-invoices and 11.1 million paychecks through Visma’s solutions last year.

Sales of the international Visma Group reached 2.1 billion euros in 2022. This is 19 percent higher than in the previous year. Most of the revenue, 85 percent, came from SaaS services. This is a slight increase from 2021, when SaaS still accounted for 81 percent of sales.

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Acquisitions and investments

In addition to generating revenue from its services, acquisitions of other companies are also an essential part of Visma’s strategy. 2022 was an absolute record year for the SaaS provider, with 42 acquisitions in various (European) countries. Some of these acquisitions ensured that Visma is now also active in the French and German markets.

Furthermore, the Visma Group invested 242 million euros in product development last year. This is almost 21 percent of total sales for 2022. Among other things, a ninth expertise center has been established in Portugal. This specific expertise center will focus mainly on sub-areas such as cybersecurity, AI and product design.

Future plans

Revenue for 2022 is an important step for further expanding the SaaS provider’s business. “Visma will continue to do what we do best. We will build locally relevant and standardized cloud software that automates business administration, connects data, makes societies run efficiently and gives companies the financial confidence they are looking for,” said Visma CEO Merete Hverven.

Visma wants to join EU initiatives to boost (business) digitization in member states. Especially when it comes to those market segments in which the business SaaS provider is active, such as for SMEs.

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