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Samsung employees leak secrets to ChatGPT

Samsung employees leak secrets to ChatGPT

Samsung staff has leaked secrets with ChatGPT. Mere weeks after the South Korean tech company allowed internal use of the chatbot, at least three incidents occurred in which employees shared information a little too eagerly.

Until March 11, Samsung did not allow its employees to make use of the chatbot. We reported last month that many companies are barring ChatGPT. This is mainly because they have not yet established a concrete company policy about employing generative AI. The tool is in huge demand thanks to its wide range of uses, from summarizing texts to improving code.


Details are known about two of the incidents, each of a different nature. In one case, an employee asked ChatGPT to create a presentation based on minutes from a meeting. Another incident involved an employee’s attempt to identify his programming errors. Such information should, of course, remain within company walls. However, this information could be collected by ChatGPT developer OpenAI. The ChatGPT service has an opt-out from collecting user data. That means that the info fed to the service may be accessed by its developer. Thus, any user of the chatbot may contribute to training the underlying model in future. In this case, however, OpenAI now possesses confidential information from another tech firm.

Samsung states that it may already be revoking its pledge to allow for the use of ChatGPT if another incident occurs. This may seem like a logical move, but employees will invariably long for an AI tool now that it is out in the open. That is why the Korean giant is said to be working on its own version of generative artificial intelligence, reports The Register.

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