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Twitter has permanently shut down its free APIs. This is now leading to many problems for apps and websites, Engadget notes.

As an alternative, Twitter is offering upgrades to the recent three new API subscriptions. Twitter had announced some time ago that it was changing its strategy for developers.

Still, the now ending of free access comes unexpectedly to many developers and websites. Although Twitter indicated when it introduced its paid API subscriptions last week that it would stop the free APIs within 30 days, that has now gone into effect quite immediately.

Many problems with apps and websites

This action has now affected many apps and websites, according to a roundup by Engadget. WordPress, Mashable, Substack and Echobox, among others, are having problems. Even parties that have already signed up for subscriptions, such as Tweet Self and TweetDeleter, say they no longer have access.

Developers fall by the wayside

The social media giant’s action shows that, despite the possibilities offered by the new Twitter subscriptions, many developers still fall by the wayside. This is mainly because two of the three subscriptions have limited limits, so users quickly end up with the very expensive Enterprise subscription. For this, they may have to fork out $42,000 per month.

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