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New social media apps rise from the ashes of Twitter

New social media apps rise from the ashes of Twitter

Drastic changes to the social media platform Twitter rarely go down users well. As a result, there are hijackers on the coast who are only too happy to accommodate the departing users on their new platform.

It thundered for Twitter users again last weekend. Twitter owner Elon Musk tweeted that the platform is limiting the number of tweets a user can see daily. It is just one change from the long list of changes made on the platform since Musk took charge.

Because of the chaos, more and more users are fleeing. These ex-Twitter users are looking for an alternative as soon as possible to be able to send their thoughts and ideas out into the world. With the increasing demand, new social media apps have a great opportunity to emerge.

Y’all want to Spill the tea

For example, two former social media platform employees have joined forces with Black creators to found Spill. The app wants to create a safe place for diverse communities. It also wants to capitalize more on the visual and let users easily combine text with photos, video and GIFs.

The app launched a few weeks ago as a closed beta for iOS. Previously, you could only access the app through an invitation from a Spill user. That changed last weekend after the app was flooded with new profiles.

Threads from Meta

Meta is another player that thinks it can capitalize on the problems at Twitter. Threads is expected to launch tomorrow, but the European public will not immediately be served. Indeed, according to available information, Threads violates the GDPR by requesting a huge amount of personal information from its users.

Other possibilities

Seperate from the new social media apps, Bluesky and Mastodon also benefited from the turmoil on Twitter last weekend. Bluesky is the new platform of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. According to public data, the platform attracted some 54,000 new users last weekend. A huge number from the 238,000 users the platform currently has.

Mastodon, in turn, managed to capitalize on the launch of its revamped Android app. That also took place last weekend. CEO Eugen Rochko announced the weekend was a success, with a growth of 294,000 active users.