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LinkedIn is testing a feed of short videos in its mobile app, Microsoft’s business social media platform confirms to TechCrunch. The new feed should give LinkedIn the same video functionality as TikTok or Instagram.

Austin Null, a media strategy specialist, discovered LinkedIn’s new video functionality in its mobile app. In the latest mobile app version, a “Video” tab has been added to the navigation menu. Users see a vertical feed of short videos to swipe through when clicked.

Users can leave comments on videos, like them, or share them with others. However, it is unclear to what extent the feed determines which videos users see.

Several social media platforms already have such video feeds that are now standard in their applications.

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More development of video

LinkedIn confirmed the arrival of the video feed to TechCrunch. The business social media platform has always allowed users to post videos, but the new feed is specifically designed to gain more traction on the platform by using short videos that are quick and easy to scroll through.

According to the Microsoft subsidiary, videos are increasingly becoming a desirable format for learning opportunities for employees and experts. New features are being tested to allow users to discover relevant videos.

With the new video feed, LinkedIn offers users a new way to post video content and potentially attract more viewers. Of course, the business social media platform may also eventually monetize the service to incentivize creatives to post videos.

Selected end users only

LinkedIn’s video feed is not currently available to every mobile app user. The business social media platform appears to offer the application to selected users. At the time of writing, the feed is not yet visible in the most recent app version at the editorial office.

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