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CRM vendor Zendesk has announced a partnership with OpenAI. In the process, the company is complementing its own tools with the generative AI that is also behind ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing Chat.

Zendesk emphasizes via a press release that it is already well on its way with its own deployment of artificial intelligence. In September 2022, Zendesk already launched AI solutions to make customer service smoother. The company is therefore positioning OpenAI as a complement to these tools.

Building atop Zendesk’s foundation

By integrating OpenAI’s product, Zendesk promises that its software will become even more user-friendly and efficient. It specifically highlights three new features that will become possible thanks to OpenAI.

Firstly, content summarization: long tickets can be summarized by the AI tool to help service agents reach a solution faster. In addition, the integration builds on the automated correction of support articles that Zendesk already offered. Finally, service personnel are able to provide a longer response to a ticket by putting just a few words into the tool.

The integration, especially in this area, seems hugely effective from the get-go. After all, OpenAI’s technology is known for its ability to generate full-fledged emails and longer messages based on few words.

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