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SAP users will soon be able to count on AI assistance based on IBM Watson technology. The SAP Start Assistant will help organizations reach insights about data faster in a privacy-friendly way.

SAP CEO Christian Klein promises a better user experience alongside faster and better decisions to transform business processes. “Working together to incorporate additional AI, machine learning and other intelligent technologies into SAP solutions can lead to better business outcomes for our joint customers.”

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna also commented positively on the collaboration. “With this announcement, we are infusing IBM Watson’s powerful, enterprise-grade AI capabilities into SAP’s leading ERP platform to help businesses reimagine customer experiences, boost productivity and fuel growth.”

In the press release, the company explains that IBM’s Watson technology is already deployed by 100 million users across 20 industries. Also, SAP and IBM are working together on generative AI and large language models to automate SAP’s offerings further.

SAP and AI

SAP has been integrating AI in various forms into its ERP platform for some time. In 2018, for example, it arrived with SAP Leonardo, which could automate many repetitive tasks.

Now SAP is reaching for a partner to deploy generative AI as well. In this area, almost every day, a new company integrates this technology, be it based on OpenAI’s GPT models or with its own specific models.

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