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IT services provider neomax wants to interest young professionals in the IT industry and is introducing the Rise platform for this purpose. It allows them to retrain to become IT professionals.

With the new platform, the IT services provider wants to attract new young personnel. The platform should improve the image of the IT sector and respond to the needs for personal development. The platform should also help attract more women to the IT sector.

Accessible retraining program

The RISE platform offers interested parties several options. These include a digital retraining course, an active community and paid traineeships with a job guarantee.

Within neomax RISE, the low-threshold retraining program neomax DGTL helps young professionals get started in the IT sector. This with the help of knowledge-intensive video lessons and 11 live sessions. Here they learn IT skills as well as a piece of personal development, time management, monitoring the right energy balance and setting achievable goals.

neomax RISE is also available as an indoor program for companies. This allows companies to retrain their own employees from other departments into IT. The platform is also used to retrain IT employees.

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