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Ilionx takes over Inergy to strengthen data analytics offering

Ilionx takes over Inergy to strengthen data analytics offering

Dutch IT company Ilionx is strengthening its position by acquiring Inergy. The latter is a specialist in the field of data analytics.

Ilionx describes itself as a knowledge and implementation partner within the sector, with a stated mission to make the complex IT world manageable. The Dutch outlet FD reports that Ilionx already has 1,200 employees spread across thirteen Dutch offices. The acquisition brings the tally to 1500.

Inergy would make ilionx’s offering much more attractive especially for local governments and regulated markets, according to the press release (Dutch).

More simplicity

Inergy’s name will not be disappearing, at least not immediately. However, it will become part of Ilionx. Inergy has been around since 1999. It already has a partnership with Snowflake to assist users of its suite. It also offers managed analytics services and the LIAS software package, which focuses on digital planning and controlling of operations.

The acquisition would allow the company to achieve more growth “through the commercial clout, speed and scale-up that now becomes available.”

Director and majority shareholder of Inergy Mathijs van Houweninge believes customers will receive improved services due to the acquisition. “The broad portfolio allows us to serve our customers and prospects better. We now have access to a lot of new expertise, experience, and great execution power on complex issues. With our joint portfolio, knowledge and experience, we can better fulfil our credo ‘We improve performance’. This step with Ilionx is a wonderful continuation of the buy-and-build phase that we have been going through with Main Capital in recent years. I am super proud of our Inergeeks and the trust customers have given us on a daily basis for years.”

Van Houweninge will remain a shareholder and advisor with the company, but Joost Henskens will take over as managing director. “There is not only a match on expertise and portfolio, but also a good fit between the company cultures,” Henskens estimates. “Ilionx is a professional, enthusiastic and innovative party that has the scale to create opportunities while being organized locally. The power of collaboration, people-orientation and personal development are highly valued at both Ilionx and Inergy, and that has been an important consideration for us.”

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