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Noname Security introduces tool to leave no API untested

Noname Security introduces tool to leave no API untested

Noname Security has introduced the Active Testing V2 service. It allows companies to test all APIs for potential security flaws.

According to Noname Security, the tool is another step to help companies embrace a “shift left” strategy. It means thoroughly testing their applications and APIs for vulnerabilities and ensuring their quality before they go into production. This is to prevent vulnerabilities from reaching the production cycle.

According to Noname Security, APIs are often never checked for vulnerabilities because traditional testing tooling is often unsuitable for this purpose.

Underlying functionality

The arrival of Active Testing V2 should change the latter, Noname Security says. The service tests every API for security, offering full integration throughout the software development cycle. In doing so, the tool is easy to use so that any developer can handle it.

Active Testing V2 provides more security in CI/CD processes and dynamic and static API specification analysis.

Active Testing V2 process more that 160 security tests of known exploits for APIs, including those from the OWASP API Top Ten. Furthermore, the tool supports all known major API types, including GraphQL.

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