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API security company Noname Security continues to find partners. This time it is announcing a partnership with IBM to further protect customers from software vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and design flaws.

The two companies cite research from Gartner, which shows that the explosive growth of APIs increases potential cyber targets. As a means of communication between applications, an API is in an intermediate area within a network, where unforeseen cyber-risks tend to occur. The integration of more and more applications with each other therefore makes this existing problem relevant to virtually all business and government services.

Additional levels

IBM’s existing API Connect and DataPower solutions will get a boost in API security thanks to the collaboration, according to the press release. Users can take advantage of “advanced API management capabilities” with the tools. The software automatically detects APIs and provides insights about their behavior. This allows organizations to meet requirements from compliance legislation.

Co-founder and CTO of Noname Security Shay Levi believes the partnership provides a “best in class” API security solution. “We look forward to working closely with IBM to help them protect customers from growing API security threats.”

Noname is making quite a few announcements about collaborations this week. For example, it announced on Monday that it will use specialized Intel hardware to accelerate API processes.

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