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Noname Security promises better performance thanks to a partnership with Intel. The security company expects fast API responses by using dedicated acceleration on Intel Xeon processors.

Noname Security will receive the so-called Accelerated by Intel label. Intel described this program on a LinkedIn blog earlier this year. “Accelerated by Intel solutions streamline and automate the adoption of built-in Intel Accelerators and technologies that enable innovation and efficient scale,” the tech giant said.

Resource conservation

Specifically, Noname Security software will leverage built-in Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX) on 4th generation Xeon processors. The integration reduces the system requirements for Noname Security’s security solution. Thus, Noname Security and Intel are paving the way for more “generic operations” by IT engineers. Noname Security CEO Oz Golan says the partnership with Intel is an essential step in helping organizations secure APIs. “Intel’s technology expertise will enable us to provide the best-of-breed API security solution for more customers and help them secure their critical assets against advanced cyber threats.”

Noname Security states that when combined with an Intel platform, customers can expect up to three times extra performance with similar or less consumption. Machine learning inferencing is expected to be up to ten times faster, something that is critical in API security. The company promises broad deployment options: hybrid, private and cloud environments are all supported, in addition to on- and off-premises. The press release lists various “new use cases” for their API solution: 5G, satellite communications, military purposes and applications for security services are all suggested by Noname.

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