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Twitter develops job posting feature for verified companies

Twitter develops job posting feature for verified companies

Twitter is working on a new feature for verified businesses on the social network. Organizations that choose a paid subscription will become verified businesses and be able to post their job openings on Twitter soon. These will then be additionally promoted on the social network.

Twitter has not officially announced the new job posting feature, but screenshots have already surfaced. According to Nima Owji, organizations will soon be able to import an XML feed to Twitter containing their current job postings. Five vacancies can be shown as featured on the Twitter profile; for the remaining vacancies, one must click through.

Making Twitter subscriptions more interesting

Since Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk, the social network has been in something of a constant transition. Whereas before it was very dependent on advertisers, Musk is now trying to shape the social network differently, where ads still play a role, but subscriptions will also provide the necessary revenue. Many advertisers have dropped out since Musk’s arrival because he uses a lot of trial and error in his operations. He sometimes tries out features or limitations to reverse them later.

Meanwhile, there are subscriptions for users, organisations, and for using the Twitter API. Developers today cannot pull information from Twitter without having a paid subscription to do so.

Right now, all subscriptions do not yet generate enough revenue to make Twitter profitable and compensate for the advertising revenue loss. Twitter wants to entice more users and organizations to subscribe by making subscriptions more interesting. Offering job postings is one such feature. Twitter is expected to add more and more features to its subscriptions. Eventually, Musk wants to make Twitter an all-encompassing platform.

A subscription for users starts at $8 or $9 per month, and companies pay a minimum of $1,000 per month.

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