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Twitter creates revenue model for verified creators

Twitter creates revenue model for verified creators

Twitter is giving a revenue model to creators on the platform. For this, Twitter shares the revenues it generates by displaying ads between replies to their posts.

A new revenue model from Twitter is accessible to creators. Only creators who are subscribed to get a blue badge and had more than five million views on their posts in the past three months will be granted access. The amount the creator is eventually paid depends on the number of views.

There are conditions attached to the payout, however. For example, copyrighted work, content about criminal activity, gambling, alcohol consumption, adult content and “pyramid schemes or quick-ride schemes,” cannot qualify.

According to Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, the first round of payments is already $5 million. Creators are already making themselves heard in the comments, sharing images showing that the first payment is coming. That while Musk does not exactly have a good reputation when it comes to putting bills in order.

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Vision takes shape

Musk announced plans to share ad revenue with creators back in February. However, since Musk acquired Twitter, the social media platform has lost key advertisers. This is a result of bringing back free speech on Twitter, which Musk is a big proponent of. For advertisers, the idea of their marketing popping up next to unwanted content is extremely unappealing.

Musk’s vision for the platform has received a lot of headwinds in the past but is now appeasing creators. Positive feedback from the community could use the platform as Threads and other social media platforms are steadily snatching more users away from Twitter.