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Salesforce announces pricing of GPT features

Salesforce announces pricing of GPT features

Salesforce has announced the cost of its generative AI services Service GPT, Sales GPT and Einstein GPT Trust Layer. The AI should allow companies to scale productivity and make customer interactions more personalized.

The new solutions are available immediately. For example, Service GPT includes features for automatically generating responses to customer questions and summaries of customer cases and interactions. This AI service is included in Service Cloud Einstein and costs $50 per user/month. Companies also receive a limited number of Einstein GPT credits when purchasing. In communications, we encounter U.S. prices for now.

Sales GPT is also available immediately and comes standard in Sales Cloud Einstein. This service also costs $50 per user/month, including a number of Einstein GPT credits. A feature of this solution includes sending automated sales emails based on CRM data via Sales Cloud, Gmail or Outlook.

Furthermore, Einstein GPT Trust Layer is also now available. This comes with functionality for zero data retention, encrypted communication, data access checks, centralized storage of feedback and functionality for an audit trial.

General price increase in August

In addition to the availability and cost of the generative AI solutions, Salesforce also indicates that prices for various products will increase by 9 percent as of August this year.

This will apply to Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Industries, Marketing Cloud Engagement and Account Engagement, CRM Analytics and Tableau. Professional Edition with $5 more will now cost $80, Enterprise Edition with $15 more will cost $165 and Unlimited Edition will increase $30 to $330.

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