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Photoshop’s AI image generator Firefly is getting another new feature. Now it will be possible for users to enlarge a photo by adding a made-up background to a photo.

Photshop describes Firefly’s new feature as one that “magnifies images beyond their original boundaries. As such, it is dubbed ‘Generative Expand’.

“Suppose the subject is cropped, your image does not have the desired aspect ratio, or a focused object is not aligned properly with other parts of the image. You can use Generative Expand to expand your canvas and make your image look like anything you can imagine,” the company writes.

The feature works based on prompts. So you provide your own description of what should be in the background. If your creative skills let you down for a moment, you can leave the prompt blank and let Firefly do all the work.

Filters provide appropriate background

A company spokesperson informed TechCrunch that Generative Expand does carefully complement the background. The company instituted filters to keep inappropriate content out of the AI tool. “When using a prompt with Generative Expand, filters are applied to text prompts to prevent images that may contain inappropriate content.”

For now, the feature can only be tested out in beta. Commercial use of the tool should be possible starting in the second half of the year.

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