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Microsoft Loop now generally available for Windows

Microsoft Loop now generally available for Windows

The Microsoft Loop application is now generally available for Windows through the Microsoft Store. The application also extends its login methods to Android and iOS accounts.

Microsoft Loop intends to make employees more productive when working on projects or collaborating with others. The app had been available in preview since March and is now becoming available for all Windows devices. For Windows, the new app has a minimum Windows 10 requirement.

Share content from Microsoft 365 apps

Specifically, the application helps organize content from different Microsoft 365 applications into a single environment. This can be a so-called workspace or a Web page. In the process, Microsoft seems to want to compete with applications such as Slack Canvas.

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Content from various Microsoft 365 applications can be converted to a Microsoft Loop component. These components can then be shared with an individual or with a team. It also allows users to share some of the content within a project without having to share the entire project or object.

The shared components are constantly synchronized, so groups or individuals always have the latest version. Sharing of Microsoft Loop components is possible via Teams chats, Outlook, Witheboard and the Web version of Word, among others.

Further availability

In addition to Microsoft Loop being generally available in the Microsoft Store, the application now works with multiple accounts. Initially, Microsoft Loop was only available for corporate (Windows) work accounts, but the application now also works with personal Android and iOS accounts. Both are still in preview or TestFlight beta, though.