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The social media site Threads can only draw interest from a small group of users on a daily basis. The number of accounts used daily has already dropped by 80 percent. Moreover, the platform retains far fewer users than its biggest rival, X. The figures apply to Android users.

A month after the launch of Threads, enthusiasm about the X competitor already appears to have dampened considerably. Figures from Similarweb show that the number of daily active Android users already dropped by 80 percent.

X wins

The app is unavailable in Europe, so European figures cannot be given. Threads has the most success in America. There, figures show that the app peaked with 2.3 million daily active users on July 7, while one month later, this number dropped to 576,000.

Pulling it open to all app users, we see that the platform captured the attention of about 50 million Android users daily at launch. This was reduced to about 10 million daily active users a month later.

The figures are far below the number of daily active users achieved by competitor X during the same period. That number remains stable at around 100 million daily active Android users.

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Zuckerberg keeps (a lot of) hope

The launch of the app was, of course, an overwhelming success, with faster growth in signups than ChatGPT achieved at launch. It was clearly a short success, now that the number of active users has dropped dramatically.

Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta of which Threads is part, remains positive about his latest platform. To investors, he already assured that the social media platform will undoubtedly manage to attract a billion users. During that promise, the numbers already seemed to indicate a huge drop in active users. Now a study confirms the suspicions and puts the story in perspective.