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Google is adding new features to the Search Generative Experience (SGE). As a result, the web browser with AI can now write summaries and help users become better developers.

According to the announcement, the improvements help users understand complex topics. The improvement in coding skills is also centred around users, as Google wants AI-search to help developers sharpen their skills.

Less searching

One improvement to the AI gives users the definition of a word as soon as they hover their mouse over it. In addition to the definition, you can also see related images or diagrams. It saves users some time since there is no need to start a new search query for difficult words.

Source: Google

The feature works broadly the same as the one in Bing Chat. With the competing web browser’s AI, it is possible to mark a particular section of text to get more information about the topic.

Helping coding

Another new feature is aimed at developers. According to Google, the feature will make it easier to understand and debug generated code. Code segments will now also be coded with syntax highlights, allowing developers to distinguish different elements more quickly.


Finally, there will be a feature to let AI write summaries of web pages. For a long text, for example, the feature can narrow it down to some key points, but it also allows users to discover related content via an “Explore on page” option.

Again, this is a feature that Bing Chat has had for some time.

Testing and refinement phase

Search Generative Experience (SGE) was rolled out about three months ago. The new search experience remains testable only through Search Labs, which requires users to register. The search engine should eventually come to desktop and mobile.

Google also seems to take time to test and improve some things before SGE comes to the general public. An update for the web browser followed earlier this month, giving images and videos a more prominent place in AI-generated content.