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CPO Panos Panay is leaving Microsoft and possibly joining Amazon. Pavan Davuluri and Yusuf Mehdi will succeed the departed CPO.

Panos Panay worked at Microsoft for 20 years and was responsible for, among other things, introducing the Surface tablets and laptops. In his last period, he was responsible for Windows 11.

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Panay may be joining Amazon, according to Bloomberg. At this tech giant, he will be responsible for the Alexa voice-activated digital assistant and Echo smart speakers. Amazon has recently been expanding the application of this technology. In this scenario, Panay succeeds David Limp, who is retiring.

Getting employees from competitors

Panos Panay’s move is remarkable but not unusual. Two years ago, then-head of cloud operations at Amazon, Charlie Bell, switched to Microsoft. At the Redmond-based tech giant, he now heads the cybersecurity business.

Although Microsoft has a non-compete clause for its top management, it is often not enforced.

Succession secured

Microsoft immediately announced Panay’s successors. Pavan Davuluri will be in charge of operating systems, as well as devices and chips related to desktop clients, cloud and AI.

Yusuf Mehdi, currently head of consumer marketing, will be responsible for partnerships with computer manufacturers and retail organizations.