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Reddit takes API war to generative AI platforms

Reddit takes API war to generative AI platforms

Community platform Reddit and several U.S. news organizations are going to fight generative AI platforms and search engines over the “scraping” of their content.

Reddit and several U.S. news sites are now tying up with generative AI tools and search engines and demand compensation. Meanwhile, about 535 news organizations, including very well-known ones like The Washington Post, New York Times and Reuters, are said to be using ChatGPT blockers.

These blockers make it impossible for the AI tool to use the content data to train the underlying GPT-4 model.

Reddit most extreme

Community platform Reddit goes one step further. Earlier this year, it dramatically increased the prices of its API, from free to paid, causing many third-party apps problems.

As the reason for this price increase, the community platform gave that it wanted to use this to prevent generative AI companies from simply using the platform’s content to train their LLM models. However, this led to protests and the platform toned down this measure.

However, the community platform recently took a more direct step against generative AI specialists and search engines, media report, demanding financial compensation from them. Should this not happen, Reddit plans to start blocking Google and Bing’s search crawlers.

This means that Reddit will disappear from search results and possibly receive fewer visitors as a result. According to the platform, The Washington Post writes, this is then inevitable, but the platform could survive without search engines.

The issue around generative AI scouring, for example, news sites for training the underlying LLM models is, according to Ars Technica, an example of how, in the near future, companies and generative AI vendors will have to deal with each other around using data for these types of solutions.

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