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ChatGPT Plus gets new beta features from Enterprise version

ChatGPT Plus gets new beta features from Enterprise version

ChatGPT Plus from OpenAI has received new beta functionality. With these upgrades, users of this version now also get features previously exclusive to the ChatGPT Enterprise version for business environments.

As end users point out, the new beta features for the paid service ChatGPT Plus are available immediately in the generative AI environment. The features provide some of the functionality of the more premium paid offering, ChatGPT Enterprise. The new features should likely lure more people to the paid version(s).

New features

More specifically, two new features have now been added to ChatGPT Plus. The first feature allows any file, whether a document, PDF or data file, to be interacted with and analyzed.

ChatGPT Plus is bijgewerkt met nieuwe functies.

In addition, the appropriate mode in which to interact is now automatically selected by ChapGPT Plus. Until now, this mode had to be selected manually first. This means that for Browse with Bing, a Web browser is automatically launched.

When users want to get started with data analysis, the Advanced Data Analysis function is automatically started and allows them to work with the entered data based on prompts. This functionality should make it easier to summarize data, answer questions about data and possibly visualize it.

Last but not least, DALL-E 3 is automatically enabled when users want to create images or edit images.

Many upgrades in recent months

OpenAI has been busy in the months of September and October link updating functionality in its GPT-4 supported paid versions of the generative AI tool. Examples include the recent integration of Dall-E3 into the AI chatbot, the re-enabling of web browsing, and the arrival of voice chat and more advanced “image conversations”.

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