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Apple will soon implement the RCS standard in its iPhones, after all. This should make sending text messages via iMessage between iPhones and devices based on other platforms, such as Android, more conform and easier.

Apple plans to eventually implement the Rich Communications Standard Universal Profile (RCS) in iMessage. This technology from mobile advocacy organization GSMA is a successor to SMS and MMS for sending text messages between cell phones with different operating systems.

Apple has long resisted the adoption of RCS. Mainly to protect its own text messaging functionality, iMessage, and make it popular with iOS users.

More possibilities with RCS

The implementation of RCS on iPhones will likely take place in iOS 18. It should give iPhone users many advantages and functionality when sending text messages. It will also allow them to send text messages over Wi-Fi to Android users, for example, instead of only over cellular networks.

Also, RCS technology allows it to send larger images and videos and enables participation in group chats.

Pressure from regulators

The reason Apple is tacking on RCS implementation now may be because the tech giant is under increasing pressure from regulators. They are investigating whether more alternatives are needed for end users.

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