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ServiceNow invests in Plat4mation to help German SMBs digitalize

ServiceNow invests in Plat4mation to help German SMBs digitalize

ServiceNow has made a strategic investment in Plat4mation. With the investment in the IT consultant, ServiceNow aims to create customer value faster and stimulate partner growth.

ServiceNow Ecosystem Ventures has chosen to invest in Dutch company Plat4mation for its first investment. ServiceNow thereby strengthens its own go-to-market capabilities and knowledge about generative AI.

Supporting digital transformation at SMBs

Through Plat4mation, ServiceNow hopes to reach SMBs that struggle with digitalization and AI but want to make these technologies work. The IT consultant could reach this target group with advice about data protection, security requirements, talent training and technology standards. However, expertise from ServiceNow’s offerings is also needed to achieve this objective. Therefore, Plat4mation will add more than 400 new ServiceNow-skilled employees in Germany and Central Europe.

ServiceNow is focussing strongly on the German market but does not forget the rest of Central Europe. “Plat4mation plans to increase its capacity to digitally transform and apply generative AI to specific use cases in some of the most innovative mid-sized companies in Germany. In this way, Plat4mation contributes to the differentiation, growth and continued competitiveness of these companies,” said David Parsons, senior VP of Ecosystem Ventures at ServiceNow.

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