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IKEA introduces its own GPT for interior design help

IKEA introduces its own GPT for interior design help

In OpenAI’s U.S. GPT Store, IKEA has introduced a GPT. This GPT assistant helps users with interior design, choosing suitable IKEA products and visualizing these choices in their home environment using the AI chatbot.

Using the IKEA AI Assistant for ChatGPT, users can now receive interior design suggestions based on room dimensions, personal taste and budget. In addition, users can request sample images to refine their choices.

Features IKEA AI Assistant

Users can select the required IKEA products, for which the chatbot generates a URL. Through this URL, the products can be purchased directly. In addition, the solution checks stock levels at various IKEA stores.

The IKEA AI Assistant is only available in the U.S. version of the GPT Store. Users with a Chat GPT Plus subscription can use the assistant.

The IKEA AI Assistant should be available in more countries later this year. The exact date is not yet known.

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