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Salesforce also wants small businesses to be able to take advantage of GenAI to automate their marketing and integrate it with CRM, AI solutions and data. To this end, it is now introducing the Marketing Cloud Growth edition of its existing Marketing Cloud solution.

Not only large companies, but also SMBs should be able to benefit from automating marketing activities, Salesforce believes. This is certainly the case now that the availability of GenAI can also provide even more benefits for this purpose. Salesforce is therefore introducing a special edition of Salesforce Marketing Cloud under the name Marketing Cloud Growth.

This Marketing Cloud variant brings CRM, AI and data together in a central place for this subset of companies. This should help such organizations achieve the innovation needed to deliver the right experiences for end customers.

Marketing Cloud Growth edition

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth solution helps small businesses immediately leverage the potential of Salesforce Data Cloud and GenAI tooling for their workflows. It also takes care of connecting multi-channel marketing activities with sales, customer service and overall commercial operations. All of this is done through a single platform, Salesforce indicates.

Through a step-by-step process, users can leverage enterprise data and GenAI to, among other things, segment target audiences faster, deliver marketing campaigns and content quicker by automatically generating the material and content based on prompts and pre-built templates.

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This also enables the personalization of customer relationships and the optimization of marketing campaign performance with real-time reports and easy-to-use dashboards.

Integration with Data Cloud

Marketing Cloud Growth additionally provides free access to Salesforce Data Cloud. Among other things, this allows them to tie all data together for a complete view of their customers, activate data for personalization of their customer relationships across any channel and start using AI-based insights for revenue improvement.

Data Cloud will also soon offer SMBs the opportunity to get a “360-degree view” of their customers for all products, services and customer interactions based on their own data entered into Data Cloud.

All of this runs on the general Salesforce Einstein 1 platform and with the Einstein Trust Layer functionality built into it as standard. With this, small businesses can then link their own business and customer data with LLMs for more real-time context, better brand consistency, data governance and security.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth is now available in the U.S. and Canada; the EMEA region will follow soon. Other regions will follow later this year.

Free access to Salesforce Data Cloud, incidentally, is only available to users of Salesforce Sales or Service Enterprise Edition (EE) versions or higher.

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