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Salesforce supports retailers with Einstein 1 Platform updates

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Salesforce supports retailers with Einstein 1 Platform updates

New Salesforce tools help retailers by providing customer behavior insight and content creation. The features leverage the Einstein 1 Platform, which links data from retailers and customers to LLMs.

For example, there will be an extension for Einstein Copilot, called Einstein Copilot for Shoppers. This version of the generative AI assistant focuses on having personalized conversations with consumers. It uses customer data, such as location, preferences and previous purchases. Based on this data, the AI copilot can recommend a product in a specific colour, for example.


The update also introduces new insights for retailers. One is Inventory Insights, which gives retailers visibility into available inventory. This allows them to make better decisions about inventory reservations, anticipate new demand for inventory and support customer service agents in making product recommendations.

Salesforce will soon provide Customer and Product Insights, which should help retailers better understand trends, such as product bundles selling frequently and popular customer locations. A retailer can use this information to build new targeted commerce campaigns.

Finally, there is a new feature called Content Creation for Marketing Cloud Engagement. This feature should help marketers with their campaigns. “Using natural language prompts powered by generative AI — grounded by first-party data within the Einstein Trust Layer — marketers can automatically create personalized on-brand visual content, email subject lines and body copy at scale to improve customer satisfaction and conversion,” Salesforce said.

Einstein Copilot for Shoppers, Inventory Insights and Customer and Product Insights will become available in the summer of 2024. The content creation feature is available immediately.

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