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Users of the Microsoft Launcher app for Android devices will soon have direct access to Copilot’s AI functionality. The tech giant has fully integrated AI technology in the latest beta version of this app.

With the Microsoft Launcher app, Android device users will get complete integration of various Microsoft suites, including Microsoft 365, on their devices. As a result, the app replaces the entire Android interface and adapts it to the tech giant’s services. This will be done by, for example, replacing the Google search engine with Bing.

Late last year, Bing Chat was added to the app as an AI assistant. In the latest version, the application gets (almost) full access to Copilot, as the AI support is now called Microsoft-wide. The AI assistant is additionally available as a standalone app for Android.


Copilot AI technology should allow users to generate images and text directly from the mobile feed. The premium solution Copilot Pro users get a better experience and faster responses. Furthermore, the search icon within the app has been changed from Bing to Copilot’s icon, a clearly visible change.

Incidentally, not all of the functionality found in the standalone Copilot app for Android is present in the new Microsoft Launcher. This notes Windows Central. Features such as Vacation Planner, Cooking Assistant, Fitness Trainer and Notebook are missing.

The new Microsoft Launcher for Android version, v6.240402.2.1139391, is currently available in Google Play only in beta and for users who have signed up for it. It is unknown when all Microsoft Launcher users get access to the embedded Copilot features.

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