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AI search assistant Bing Chat now also included in Microsoft Launcher

AI search assistant Bing Chat now also included in Microsoft Launcher

The AI search engine Bing Chat is already prominent within Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge. Now Android users can also easily use the generative AI tool via the Microsoft Launcher.

For now, only the beta version of the Microsoft Launcher includes the AI chatbot, but it often doesn’t take too long for all users to receive such a new feature via an update. With the expansion, Bing Chat is further disconnected from Edge, the browser previously required to tap into the chatbot on Android.

Currently its competitor, Google’s Search Generative Experience, is still in an experimental phase. Not everyone can test it out for now. Meanwhile, Microsoft pushed aside the waiting list for Bing Chat months ago, and the tech giant has since extensively added AI features to Windows 11 and applications within the 365 suite.

Back of the road

Microsoft Launcher has been available within the Google Play Store for a long time, but has had no significant updates over the past year. The application replaces the standard Android interface and integrates the Microsoft suite within the mobile operating system. That means, for example, that Bing replaces Google as the search engine. Anyone who clicks on Bing Chat from that interface will see a similar screen to what is seen within Edge on the desktop.

Despite the fact that Bing Chat itself has been publicly available for several months, Microsoft warns that test versions may be unstable and that user data may be used to improve the application.

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