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Google and Samsung are working together on a new message app for Android devices. Although few details are known about the partnership and the app, it seems that the two companies want to compete together with the immensely popular WhatsApp.

The new messaging app from Google and Samsung has to offer functions similar to those of the Facebook service. In addition to the ability to chat with each other, users are also given the option to send large files and make group calls. Google and Samsung are also working on better support for Rich Communication Services (RCS).

Upgrading the text message

RCS can best be described as an upgrade of the SMS system and offers more and better functionality. Samsung will make the technology available in its latest Galaxy devices, starting with the S8 and S8 Plus. In addition, the expected Pixel phones from Google also seem to support the technology.

Anil Sabharwal, vice president of Google’s Communications Products Photos department, states in a statement that the main purpose of the partnership is to enable advanced messaging and global RCS coverage. The collaboration would also improve the messaging experience on Android.

This statement is endorsed by Samsungs Patrick Chomet, who is involved in Mobile Communications at the South Korean conglomerate. By deepening our robust partnership with Google, we bring a richer messaging experience to our customers, says Chomet.

WhatsApp and Telegram

With this cooperation, text messages should gain a larger market share again, according to Google and Samsung. At the same time, it will take some time, because not all telecom providers support the RCS standard yet. This requires an upgrade of the systems, for which the two technology companies enter into separate collaborations with telecom providers.

Currently, the message market is clearly divided: apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram control by far the largest part of the market. In comparison, SMS has a negligible market share. The question is also whether the RCS app will be rolled out widely, or whether it will only be available on Samsung and Google devices in the future.

It is not known when the app should be rolled out.

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