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Consumers seem to worry more and more about their data. At a time when data leaks, data abuse and data-related scandals seem to be in the news more and more often, this is no surprise either. Research now confirms that consumers are worried about their data.

This is the conclusion of research by Salesforce Research, which sheds light on these questions. Salesforce conducted research among 6,723 individuals worldwide and looked at their views on data and its safety. 59 percent of respondents said they believe their personal data is vulnerable to security breaches. 54 percent of people believe that companies with data don’t have the best interests at heart.

Remarkable development

At the same time, something interesting seems to be happening. Relatively many people want marketing to be focused on them as individuals to a certain extent. 84 percent of the respondents wanted to be treated as a person, not as a number. And 54 percent think that marketing is not as relevant at the moment as they would like it to be.

Salesforce writes that this seems like a paradox, but that personalization and trust are not mutually exclusive. For example, 86 percent of respondents said they would be more likely to trust a company if they were told why certain data were needed. 68 percent also want that information to be fully used to provide a more personalized experience.

In the study, Salesforce states that it is very important that customers understand the added value of certain techniques. Among millennials and Gen Zers, 91 percent said they would rather trust companies with personal data when explaining how they are used to provide a better experience.

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