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Signify, the new name for Philips Lighting, will use the SAP Cloud Platform to improve animal welfare. This starts with chickens. Signify NatureDynamics can optimize the lighting in the house through automated analyses of millions of scientific publications and data from chicken houses. This improves the living environment of the chickens and allows them to grow healthily.

Signify NatureDynamics concluded in a test at Wageningen Research, among other things, that better animal welfare contributes to a higher yield for the farmer. In addition, the impact on the environment is decreasing. The test examined the combination of wavelengths at which the animal feels most comfortable and prefers to eat. The chicken’s natural behaviour was recorded via HD cameras. It was also recorded which light recipe is preferred by the chicken.

The light recipes are in fact combinations of wavelengths. The Signify lighting system enables 16 million colour combinations. “What if, with the right light, we can ensure that chickens get 2 percent heavier when taking the same amount of feed,” says Hans van Diem, general manager of Signify NatureDynamics. “Improved animal welfare will therefore lead to a significant improvement in the financial result. And then, with a feed conversion improvement of 2 percent, we have still assumed a worst-case scenario.”

The lighting recipes can be purchased by, for example, farmers or stable builders via the NatureDynamics web shop. The recipes can be downloaded to the light controller in the house. After payment they are ready for use.


Although payments are still made via the standard PayPal connection via an API of the webshop, this will soon change. “We are planning a switch to SAP Hybris with an option to make micropayments,” says Steven Spronk, Consultant Technology & Innovation at McCoy & Partners and closely involved in the project.

Signify has linked the webshop to the SAP ERP PR4-backend for handling the financial flows. The webshop itself is at the heart of the solution: the SAP Cloud Platform. This is also where all the data comes together, including the data from the stables that relate, for example, to temperature, feed intake and slaughter weight.

Signify can further optimise the light recipes based on analyses of the data. “In this way, we have created a future-proof system. We make new insights available through new lighting recipes that allow the farmer to update his lighting system,” says Van Diem.

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