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Mozilla has announced an “election bundle”. With this bundle, users can protect themselves against misinformation and misleading advertisements in the run-up to the American elections in Novenber. That’s what Venturebeat reports.

On Monday, Firefox launches a special version of its election browser, with two pre-installed extensions. These are the Political Ad Collector of ProPublica and the Facebook Container that Firefox launched in March. The Facebook Container makes it more difficult for Facebook to track a user’s activity on the Internet, and to use that information for advertising.

The Political Ad Collector appeared a year ago as a Chrome extension. Since then the extension is available for more browsers. The tool collects ads offered to Facebook users and places them in ProPublica’s database. ProPublica then receives information about the photo and the text, who the advertisement was aimed at and how often it was seen.

The aim is to understand how political campaigns use different messages to reach different people, and how they may spread false or misleading information. “For many people, a confusing jumble of cyber jargon and misinformation have been merged to make the idea of putting election information on the internet a strange proposition. We can’t let this happen,” says Firefox.

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Mozilla now also lets users see the status of their voting registration on its own homepage. In addition, there is a composite feed with news about the elections. That feed is made possible by Pocket. Firefox has also made an episode of its IRL-podcast which is about voting and the elections.

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